Intermediary Directory (Tcertification)

Welcome to the Ethixbase360 Intermediary Directory, a publicly searchable database of pre-vetted and trained small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Intermediaries included in the Intermediary Directory have completed a comprehensive due diligence process (Tcertification) or renewed their verified report within the last year. All entities have provided their consent to appear in the public list. Users may request and obtain reports on third parties in the Intermediary Directory at no cost.

Intermediaries that have completed a review are assigned a unique 10-digit ID number. The Intermediary Directory is searchable by company name and/or Tcertification ID.

To login or request a complimentary TPMS account*, click here.

*Please note: Only logged in customer users may request a copy of an intermediary’s report. TPMS access is only available to Ethixbase360 customers. Service providers and due diligence vendors are not eligible for complimentary accounts.


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Company Name Tcertification ID Contact This
Kellstrom Commercial Aerospace, Inc. (Kellstrom Aerospace) TC4164-4720 Send Message
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